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Night shift blues

So I'm back to where my last job ended: Working the night shift, loading data from one server to the other so the company can be on-line in the morning.

I think I've developed a quite okay attitude towards it: When everyone else has gone home, we're still sitting here, keeping an idle eye on the working computers and waiting for that progress bar to slowly, slowly crawl over the screen towards the 100%, when you get to go home. In the meantime, I'm sitting here surfing the Internet and eating company cookies.

Tonight we're replicating a database server, and it's only 5:30pm yet, but I'm in Stenungsund and I still have got about two hours drive home when this baby is finally asleep.

William O. Richardson wrote a song called Night Shift Blues which I fell in love with during my job at JAK. The text is available here. I'm not sure you can hear the music any longer, but it's still a favorite in my book.


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