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There's a lot to be said about Enterprise

To start with, Enterprise is the space ship in Star Trek. That's interesting, but I'll get back to that later.

The past week I've immersed myself in various techniques for writing distributed applications. I've looked at j2ee and Enterprise Java Beans; looked a bit at Borland's Enterprise Core Objects; got frightened by CORBA; and peeked quickly at recent developments in the .NET arena.

Yet, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Maybe I won't either.

My idea of a perfect distributed solution would be to write enterprise objects in Delphi, but Borland's Model Driven Architecture is prohibitively expensive, and besides, it looks too heavy-weight anyhow. Java has a good thing running with j2ee, but, then again, that's Java and I'm not working with Java, nor do I think it'll be easy to interface ejb's with Delphi front apps, and I'm very reluctant to leave Delphi. Dot-Net could be interesting, but then again, that means you have to run with the CLR and every .NET program I have takes lots of time to load.

Why isn't there just a simple, common, efficient, working solution for plain old Delphi objects (PODO :-) )? I'm afraid that sooner or later I'm just going to write my own.

I think enterprise objects could be cool. It would be the next logical step up from all the client/server code we write these days. In practical life, much of what we do is already three-tier systems, just implemented in our own corny fashion with our own corny protocols.

So what about the USS Enterprise in Star Trek? Actually, I draw inspiration from that show. Have you noticed that all the computers in Star Trek just... work? (Apart from the sometimes funny and rather technologically embarrassing episodes.) They never spend time bashing the computers, or saying "I can't get an IP address for this machine... is there something wrong with the router?"

I think some new, amazing technology for building computer systems - both hardware and software - is going to surface around the year 2100. After that, computers will just work. The question is what technology that will be? Will it have anything at all to do with light-weight, distributed, enterprise objects?

But then again, Star Trek Enterprise may be just fiction. There is a probability that the real Captain Archer will have to wade through tons of spam and hotmail ads just to find his new mission assignments. *sigh*

It's hard to be a dreamer.


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