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Speaking Of Christmas Gifts

I suppose one of the reasons I can't find much for Christmas to want to get, is because I already bought pretty much my own Christmas present:

I am now the proud owner of a Jens of Sweden MP-400 player with 1 GB of internal memory. Way cool! :)

First impressions: It's got more features than I thought, actually. It works with MP3 and OGG files; it works as a dictaphone; it picks up radio channels (which can be recorded); and it can record from any audio source through line-in and save as MP3 files.

This means that I finally have a way to record Internet radio stations and listen to in the car. I have a favorite channel called KPLX 99.5 ("the Wolf") which I regularly listen to, and I'm dying to replace the Government channels on the radio with some good ol' Texas country.

The only thing I'm puzzled about is that it seems to be perfumed. And the controls feel a little bit jiggly, which I'm not sure is a sign of low quality or not... the brand has gotten a lot of good reviews though.

The best feature though: It reloads the battery from the USB port. Just that is worth 50% of the money right there.


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