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In The Highways And The Byways

I had a funny adventure last night. We drove up from headquarters, which is about 100 miles away, yesterday evening; I was going with two colleagues who live nearby. Having once gotten back to Falköping, where they live, I switched cars to my own and drove home.

In the car, I started fiddling around with my MP3 player to listen to music, and it was all dark outside, so I pretty much drove without thinking. I made a left when I was supposed to make a left, and went on driving home. It's about 15 miles so I sang along with the music and yelled at the driver in front of me who did only 50 mph on the highway.

I noticed along the way that the surroundings were a bit different, but I thought "okay, it's probably because it's dark". But I started going into a suburb of some sort that I thought I recognized, so I knew everything was fine.

It was when I saw the sign "SKARA 7" that I started wondering where the heck I was. It didn't take long before I figured out that I was driving to the wrong city. After being momentarily and totally disoriented that I figured out I must have missed a turn. And then I remembered that leaving Falköping you make a right, then left.

My error had taken me 90 degrees in the wrong direction. :)

It wasn't a long extra drive, though, just 10 minutes or something because the cities are that close to each other. But I laughed so hard inside my little car when I found out what I had done.

And then, going over the mountain (which is on the way home from Skara), I started listening to a fugue by Bach on the stereo. Now, the thing is that my left side speakers in the car have never worked; nor have I really bothered to fix it. But as the stereo started playing those amazingly low and powerful tones that only an organ can produce, suddenly the car started hissing and screeching. I thought it was about to break in pieces. And suddenly ... lo and behold! The left side speakers sputter to life! Suddenly my car echoes with crystal clear, crisp music!

Those low tones must have unjammed some part of the speaker system. Totally unbelievable - it's a miracle!

The moral of the story is that Bach is good for many things.


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