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Adventures On FLS Assault

So my recent hobby has been the computer game America's Army, if you've ever heard of it. It's a multiplayer game available free from the official site, and which is developed by the United States Army as a sort of publicity stunt. It's very good, though.

My favorite mission is FLS Assault: A squad of the 82nd Airborne jumps over an airfield at night, and assaults a team of enemies dug in. The thing is, the assault squad carries only M-16's and smoke grenades, while the enemies have light machine guns and explosive grenades. Which makes for an interesting fight: A straight-on assault is suicide, and therefore you have to use marksmen crawling forward in the terrain, and assault teams enveloping both south and north. With proper coordination and good team members, it's absolutely doable; with just nit-picking at skilled enemies, you lose every time.

Which is interesting. My favorite is to crawl along, get into position and start picking off enemies from the front through single M-16 shots. There are only six enemies, and getting one or two per round is customary. You start getting nervous, though, when there's a huge firefight erupting over there, grenades explode and you hear your own guys screaming for medics.

One such time I was in the middle, scanning for enemies. Most action had died down, and there was about 1:30 left on the clock before we had to take the objective or lose the round. I look at the player status screen, it shows me and another guy is still alive. I report my position, waiting for something to happen. Nothing.

The seconds tick away. I look at the player screen again, and suddenly I'm the only one left alive. 00:30 on the clock. Gulp!

So I decide I have to do something. The entire team is now looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing (they can watch the remaining players after they die) and I can imagine their comments: "Run! Run!" (which I can't see since I'm still in the game).

So I stand up and rush forward to the defensive trench, M-16 in hand, and just as I draw near I see an enemy soldier, crouching down in the trench and scanning to my left. I'm in the open and scared as hell since I'm running against machine guns over an open field, but the second I saw him I fired about 10 rounds at him and took him out.

And thus we won the round. With 00:08 seconds left on the clock.

Everybody on my team was shouting "yeah!", "wonderful!", "good job!"; and the comments from defense were "aaah!" and "8 secs... lol!". I felt great.

That's why I love FLS assault. It takes planning, teamwork, skill, and marksmanship. But when everything comes down to you and the clock, there's always that "no guts, no glory", and you rush ahead and win the game. Or, you rush ahead and get pounded by two machine guns. But hey, you would have lost anyway. :)


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