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Der Untergang

We watched the German film "Der Untergang" today.

Dramatic movie. I'm not sure what to say about it.

I can't do the typical movie-talk about this one, because I totally forgot to look for the movie-talk things during the movie. I forgot to look for lighting, cinematography, or acting. I don't even remember if there was any music in it. It captured me from the first moment and never let me go until the end.

"Terrible, shocking, grisly" would be words well suited to describe it - the darkest moments of national socialism in its final stage of destruction, with the Russians closing in on every side and the psychosis of the people in the bunker growing ever stronger until the last fray of suicides.

And also, surprisingly human. I can understand why people wanted to follow and believe in the F├╝hrer, who has a very human face in the movie, and yet maintains his terrible grip on everybody until he drags them down into hell itself. He seems so... kind and trustworthy. It's almost impossible to understand that this person was the initiator of such terrible crimes against humanity.

On one hand, I was relieved to see the Russians coming in, after having watched the movie "Stalingrad". The same things that took place there, now happened two years later in Berlin. It is sweet revenge to see the Germans fall by the dozens to the advancing Russians. I felt very little pity for them.

On the other hand, nothing got better. They were dying. Everybody died. And for what?? More Lebensraum? Holding on to the last pieces of national socialism?

It's sick. So terribly sick.

Let no bells ring
Let no music play
Let no-one laugh
Let no-one smile
For 50 million
Lie dead at my feet.
If only I had tears to cry
Then I would cry, without end
But I can not.

Let no wind blow in the trees
Let the sun hide its face
Let the earth turn in darkness
Let all joy be gone
For 50 million
Lie dead at my feet.


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