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PDM stands for Persuit Deterrent Munition; a little device that works like a motion-sensor handgrenade.

It is modeled in the latest version of America's Army; not in-game, but available through some console commands. And it's really, really, really nasty.

The way it works in AA is that you release the safety and throw it a distance. Within 5 seconds it arms itself, and anything that then passes within its detection radius causes is to trigger. When it's triggered, it jumps about 5-10 feet into the air and detonates, killing everything within a typical 25-feet range.

And it's hard to spot. If you don't know it's there, there's a very good chance you'll miss it. All you know is that you're running merrily along, looking for enemy; when suddenly you hear this "clatch" sound and half a second later an enormous "BLAM" next to your head that violently tears you to pieces and sends you flying several feet before your dead body touches the ground.

Once I was looking for a deployed PDM I'd thrown a minute before, and I didn't see it. Suddenly I saw it... not more than 10 feet away right in front of me. I knew that any sudden movement would set it off. Basically, I was already dead; I just hadn't died yet. I tried to get down on the ground, slowly, to inch away from it, when...

Clatch... BLAM!!!!

If I ever came in contact with a real SF team, I would probably have an immediate cardiac arrest. Somehow, that seems less painful.


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