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My Favorite Shop Around The Corner

I have my own little "shop around the corner". It's called Record (or Rekord?) and it's a little coffee/tea shop in my home town. It's a somewhat older type of store; one of these darling little stores where they have tons of stuff crammed into a very small space and one or two staff that know just about everything there is to know about their particular field.

I like to venture in there sometimes, because no matter what I ask, they can come up with it. Assam TGFOP? No problem. Ceylon Pekoe or Ceylon FOP? Right here, Sir. Blue Mountain coffee beans? Sure thing. I even saw a sign for Darjeeling First Flush when I was in there. Very impressive.

So I asked around a little bit about Rooibos; what is was, the flavors, etc. And the gentleman behind the counter started talking for several minutes with me, explaining what it is (a Red Bush growing in South Africa, not quite related to the teaplant, and caffeine free) and he seemed to enjoy it very much.

Too bad they don't take credit cards. But for the value you get, I'm more than happy to put up with such little darling nuisances. :)


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