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Ich Hab' Zwei Russische Panzerwagen Zerstört

Sometimes I wish I was back in high school. With the things I know now, and the person I am now, I would have had so much more fun.

I keep imagining the scenario of German class, when everybody is back from vacation, and in a light-hearted introduction to the new year, the teacher asks around "Und was hast du auf Ferien gemacht?".

Our German teacher was a somewhat elderly lady, with gray hair and high heels on her shoes that would sound "clack clack, clack clack" as she walked over the stone floor through the hallway. Despite her lack of height, she still had a somewhat commanding presence. It might have been because her favorite was to drill us on irregular verbs, which we always feared. She would pick some innocent student and question him relentlessly on irregular verbs, until he cracked. We still carry emotional scars from that time, causing us to infrequently blurt out phrases like "Würden Sie bitte das Anmeldeformular ausfüllen" and "Ich möchte vor Freude in die Luft springen".

I don't know her stance on World War II and Germany's involvement. I don't remember us talking too much about that, although we studied a bit on Hitler's road to power and that part of German history.

But I so would like to be back there, and suddenly having the question put to me: "Was hast du auf Ferien gemacht". I would like to suddenly shine up and respond "Ich hab' zwei Russische Panzerwagen zerstört!"

Maybe it's better that that part of my life is now way behind me.


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