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90 Degrees And Counting

This past week has been very warm in Sweden - not surprisingly since we're in the middle of July, though. Outside it's a steady 80 degrees, but inside my apartment it climbs to about 90 during the day.

Swedes are generally ill-equipped to handle heat like this. After all, most of our housing is suited for the subzero temperatures in winter, when the north wind howls around the corners and bites your face. So hardly anybody as any A/C units at home, and everybody is kind of adapted to temperatures that's between 30-50 degrees anyway. So when the heatwaves come, we're ill prepared.

I keep telling myself that I should be used to this: I've spent time in Florida. This is normal. 90 degrees is cool. But then again, Floridians have A/C everywhere so you can always cool off someplace - if nothing else in the supermarket stores where you usually end up with pneumonia if you spend too much time in there.

Anyway, it'll all be over soon anyway: Before long, we'll cool down to 70 degrees, and then it's back to the cold and dark long haul through winter again. Always something to look forward to. ;-)


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