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Endlich Zurück von Poland

We're finally back from Poland.

I was gone for seven days and personally, I think seven days in Poland is just enough. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Poland in itself, it's just that when hardly anybody speaks English (a bit of broken German works sometimes) it gets to you after a while.

But, all in all, it was nice. Gorzów Wielkopolski was a nice city. My good friend Bob fell in love with a nice girl, I myself hung out at McDonalds a fair bit of the time, and the weather was nice. Everything nice and cozy. And cheap.

Going back, we stopped in the German city Greifswald for some food and a hotel night's stay; and interestingly enough, Greifswald turned out to be a partner city with Lund in Sweden, and thus every German that my sister ever met came from there. (My sister studied medicine in Lund.)

And I got to speak some German: We were looking for a pharmacy, since I needed some motion sickness medication for the ferry back to Sweden (I didn't enjoy the first trip over very much), and when the pharmacy staff didn't understand my English, I switched to German and was able to explain myself. They even thought my German was good. (I blush with pride.)

But, all in all, I'm probably not going back anytime soon. Continental Europe is nice... but... America is just really much nicer. :)


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