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Supporting The Troops

Sometimes I get an urge to do something for the American troops stationed throughout the world ... like I really want to do something for them, support them and encourage them, since I so deeply sympathize with what they're doing.

So a few nights ago, I sent an email to an organization called ASA (America Supporting Americans) and wrote down some of my thoughts and how I stood with the U.S. forces and wanted to thank them and support them.

The response so far has blessed me and overjoyed me.

The President of the organization wrote back and said so many beautiful things, and how she wanted to post the message on their site and forward it to others who had recently experienced loss in the war on terrorism.

I also got two letters from the U.S. Marine Corps - one from a Staff Sergeant in Camp Fallujah, II MEF (FWD), Iraq; another one from a Sergeant with the 8th ESB, 2FSSG - telling me how they appreciate my support and how they earnestly believe a safer Middle East means a safer world.

It's the least I could do.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Marie Breskic said...

Det är ju tur att jag har träffat dig och vet att du är en reko kille annars skulle jag tro att du är helt tjosan. Skriver du brev för att stötta USA:s förödande sa kallade terroristbekämpning i världen?


Jaja, hela den här kommentaren är bara ett tecken pa att jag borde ga och steka pannkakor och dricka vatten (36 grader och vidrig luftfuktighet) istället för att slöa framför bloggar.

Skrivet i all systerlig välvilja och snällhet/Marie Breskic i Bosnien


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