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I Saw Captain Speirs Last Night, I Swear It

When you play America's Army long enough, you're bound to see some extraordinary things happen once in a while. Yesterday on FLS Assault, I swear I saw Capt. Speirs.

Capt. Speirs - for those of you who haven't watched Band of Brothers - was the meanest, toughest officer in the entire 506th PIR. Rumors flew that he shot enemy prisoners, killed his own men when they refused to obey orders, and he ran straight through enemy lines like a ghost.

This night, our squad from 1-504th, 82nd Airborne, had jumped in over an airfield which we were going to secure to use as a resupply point. We counted on pretty light opposition, but found out that the enemy had dug in with machine guns and we were forced to attack facing possible heavy losses.

Me and this other guy, we were in an open field northeast of the trenches, approaching a group of humvees and concealing our movements behind a fence. Beyond the humvees were the enemy trenches where four or five enemy kept us pinned down with RPK's. For the moment, things were quiet, and we kept scanning the trenches, crouching down behind the fence, and looking for movement.

Suddenly, I hear a noise from behind and this guy from out of the blue comes running past me. I see him going straight for the humvees, and then past them towards the trenches. I have time to think to myself "man, this guy's got guts" and prepare to give him covering fire, as I believe he's going to crouch down there and open fire to take them out ... but he doesn't stop. He keeps running along the fence, and then continues along the side of the objective building, turns a corner, and then disappears out of my view.

Three seconds later, we win the round. No one fired a single bullet at him.

Tomas the Apostle once got rebuked by Jesus when he refused to believe the other apostles' reports that Jesus had risen from the dead. "If I don't see him myself, I won't believe", he said. Then Jesus appeared to him, walked up to him and spoke in his mild-hearted manner "Do you believe now? Blessed are those who believe without seeing." I wonder were I would have ranked last night -- I couldn't for the life of me believe it, even though I saw it happen with my very own eyes.

I'm telling you. It must have been Capt. Speirs.


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