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Easeability, Not Usability

I'm hacking together a little CMS (Content Management System) for a friend of mine, Victor. I took a look at several different CMS's already available on the Internet, such as CoWiki, Mambo, Drupal and several others. They are all pretty efficient, and incredibly powerful.

But not easy.

I browsed through them and a bunch of others, and I realized that there was no way whatsoever that I could put those into the hands of a couple of guys that hardly knew what HTML was. Mambo, in particular, offered some of the best functionality, but I struggled for days just trying to tame the beast. Ultimately, I realized that if I can't understand it - and I'm a professional software developer - then my clients probably wouldn't either.

Only one option remained and that was to write something myself. And now I have. "qsite", which my little invention is called, builds on the input language of CoWiki, but offers a dramatically simpler interface. And it's customizable within reason, of course, but yet simple.

I find myself getting increasingly intolerant towards poor UI design, and systems which take days to figure out. Don't Make Me Think is the key word here - any system should be easy enough to use, yet powerful, without having to delve through tons of manuals and QSite 101 websites.

If you ask me, Easeability should be the new Usability.


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