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He Comes, Riding On The Clouds

I have a song by Paul Wilbur called "Days Of Elijah" which I love very, very much. The text goes something like this (with a fast beat and a joyful tune):
Behold He comes
Riding on the clouds
Shining like the sun
At the trumpet call

So lift your voice
It's a year of jubilee!
For our of Zion's hill
Salvation comes!
The song paints a picture of Jesus, riding in on the clouds towards Earth, and his face is shining in all the brilliance of the sun. Imagine that moment when all the continents will look up into the sky and see Him coming!

And what a glorious moment, then - in a twinkling of an eye, all deception, humanism and worldly affairs end all at once and Truth instantly laid bare, with Jesus Christ returning to make all things right! Every wrongdoing punished, every lie and deceit laid bare in the open for everyone to see and justice and righteousness spreading like a raging wildfire all over the planet... On that day when every tear will be wiped away, every broken heart lifted up and every evil crushed in a burning hatred towards everything that steals and destroys.

Yes, God will have his revenge. His Love will have revenge on six thousand years of death.

"Lord, come soon..."


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