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Regiment's Day At T2

Regiment's Day at T2 (Göta Trängregemente) was celebrated today in Skövde. A friend and I went to look at it; it was quite impressive.

T2 is responsible for training soldiers and officers mainly in supply and logistics tasks, and is the only regiment in Sweden to do this. As a result, my home town Skövde is growing increasingly important for the military defense as several military installations (logistics regiment, armor regiment, ground warfare school etc) are now located here. Each year there's a new influx of conscripts jogging around on the streets; military police traffic squads directing traffic downtown; and towards the end of their training, squads moving from intersection to intersection downtown, "playing" out urban tactical warfare scenarios.

Officers and soldiers from T2 demonstrated today how they work through field hospitals, mobile resupply units and security forces. They set up a mobile resupply station, as well as a field hospital, in a matter of minutes. The coolest thing was when they simulated an enemy attack a few minutes later, and the security group returned fire using their AK5's, and the APC attacking with its 20mm automatic cannon.

The day also featured parachute jumpers - Team Svea, a parachute show group within the army, consisting of all female officers - as well as helicopter shows, dog training, and the motorcycle group Arméns Lejon.


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