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Tim O'Reilly: What Is Web 2.0?

Tim O'Reilly has written a very interesting article, called "What is the Web 2.0?"

Trying to describe the frontier of the new business movement on the internet, he compares companies like Microsoft and Google and explains why Microsoft will never beat the latter. He comments on the trend of data ownership of companies like Wikipedia and Amazon.Com and explains how these types of applications are the very programs that drive the Web 2.0.

He describes a society that is loosely bound together, through blogs, RSS feeds, easily deployable and easily usable web services (Amazon.Com reports that 95% of all customers use their REST web services, not SOAP), and the challenges faced by companies in this crazy arena. For instance, while Microsoft produces new releases of their software once every year, at most, companies like Flickr release new builds every thirty minutes.

Of course, the trick is purely sociological; if you can harness the power - and competency - of the internet users, then they will participate in your service, adding data and value to it themselves. Companies that harness this capability will be very successful in the Web 2.0; companies that are clinging to old-style business models will fade away. Like IBM.


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