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Nordic Light

This is a war diary written about the Operation Nordic Light scenario of The Operational Art Of War. All events portrayed are fictional and exist only as played out in the computer game.
(September 4, 1992) Tension is building in former Russia. Elements of the 4th and 6th Guards Army has been observed transferring units in Northern Russia, and the presence of strong Airborne Divisions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (under the cover of staged regional disturbances) can only signify a preparation for an upcoming military intervention in Scandinavia.

The Finnish and Swedish military headquarters have moved into high gear in preparation for open hostilites. These preparations have been hampered by apparent sabotage against crucial Swedish airbases and radar sites; and because of this, Sweden and Finland has issued a formal request to NATO SACEUR General John Shalikashvili for joint strategic air support.

Adding to this, Finnish border guard forces have noticed probably the most gruesome sign of hostilities: STAVKA High Commander Johan Åsbrink has been spotted surveying the front with his binoculars from his personal APC. If indeed this old, hardline general (who organized the entire Soviet defense against the Germans in 1941) is running the show, there is little hope for peace.

To be followed...

Sometimes I Feel Like Lucy Kelson

I ordered Chinese takeout food today.

When I placed the call to Tai Pak this evening, ordering one number 36 and one number 46, which roughly equates to Hung-Sin fish in soy sauce and squid with vegetables, respectively, I felt kind of like Lucy Kelson, the character played by Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice.
SCENE: Lucy comes home - alone, again - calls up Mr. Wong down at the Chinese restaurant and orders this (without reading a menu):

- Hi, Mr Wong... This is Lucy... Lucy Kelson... Fine... I would like a number 17; a number 4 - no, number 5... no. Number 7...? And then, can I get the number 4 without the garlic sauce...? And then, maybe, two orders of number 26... Yes, this is for one... And that's it. No... Give me a number 8... Give me two number 8's. ... okay ... okay ... bye.
I feel like some day I could have my own Mr. Wong who knows me by name and whom I call every other night. Just like Lucy.

Interestingly enough, Lucy is also the name of my other favorite character, Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, from While You Were Sleeping. But that's a different story.

Just Pull The Trigger And Think Of England

We practised precision shooting yesterday at the shooting club.

Precision shooting with a .22 is a very serious competition. You have six minutes (we always seem to finish in three) to shoot five rounds into a target at 25 yards distance. The dashedly elusive 10-pointer is the goal.

In the middle of it all, when I stood there, aiming and trying to line up for that perfect ten, the phrase "just close your eyes, pull the trigger and think of England" came to me. You know, for queen and country and all that, sort of.

It must have come from some James Bond movie, but it seemed so hilarious at the moment that I completely lost my focus. I almost burst out laughing.

I don't know why I thought of it. Maybe I've drunk too much tea.


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