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Sometimes I Feel Like Lucy Kelson

I ordered Chinese takeout food today.

When I placed the call to Tai Pak this evening, ordering one number 36 and one number 46, which roughly equates to Hung-Sin fish in soy sauce and squid with vegetables, respectively, I felt kind of like Lucy Kelson, the character played by Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice.
SCENE: Lucy comes home - alone, again - calls up Mr. Wong down at the Chinese restaurant and orders this (without reading a menu):

- Hi, Mr Wong... This is Lucy... Lucy Kelson... Fine... I would like a number 17; a number 4 - no, number 5... no. Number 7...? And then, can I get the number 4 without the garlic sauce...? And then, maybe, two orders of number 26... Yes, this is for one... And that's it. No... Give me a number 8... Give me two number 8's. ... okay ... okay ... bye.
I feel like some day I could have my own Mr. Wong who knows me by name and whom I call every other night. Just like Lucy.

Interestingly enough, Lucy is also the name of my other favorite character, Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, from While You Were Sleeping. But that's a different story.


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