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Christmas Lights? Sure

People sometimes make fun of me (in a kind-hearted way, naturally) for being so Americanized. I don't exactly know how it happened; all I know is that I stood in the middle of a huge field in Montana and called out "I am an American!" and from that point on, it was all set in stone. :)

It always pops up around Christmas-time. To me, it's entirely natural to play Bing Crosby and decorate everything in millions of Christmas lights. Although I haven't quite had the urge to decorate my surroundings in lights this year, my Christmas tree at home looks more and more like a Disney Tree for every year that goes by. I've even committed the cardinal sin of adding lights that flash in many different colors to it.

Sweden is cozy at this time of year. With the sun setting early in the afternoon - sometimes around 3pm already - it is easy to appreciate all the little lights everywhere. Swedes like to put up little stars and candlelights in the windows, which means every window is decorated with lights. It makes the darkness a little brighter.

While they're not going totally overboard like Americans do, the trend of decorating with lights is catching on. Little pine trees in the front yard get decorated, and sometimes even entire houses. Some people probably think it's eroding our traditional Swedish customs.

But when I took the train this morning, and rolled down towards Gothenburg in complete darkness, every once in a while I came upon a little lone pine tree out in the dark night, decorated with hundreds of tiny little lights, and it made everything look so much nicer.

Sweden, being naturally more mellow than the United States, will probably never catch on to such extremes as America does. But every little bit counts. Here is one foreign influence worth keeping.


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Marie Breskic said...

"lights that flash in many different colors"

I actually think that is a mortal sin. : )

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy, happy New Year!

At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'lights that flashes in many different colors'

Haller med foregaende talare. :)

God jul o gott nytt ar forstas
kram kram Anna-Cajsa


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