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Nordic Light - Drawing Defensive Lines

(September 11, 1992) The Russian advance continues. Kuusamo has fallen, Mikkeli has been overrun and Kotka is occupied. Airborne enemy forces keep appearing, encircling Hanko and threatening Helsinki.

In Sweden, forces desperately defend Nynäshamn and Muskö while evacuating remaining forces. Eskilstuna and Oxelösund have fallen, and further seaborne invasions have taken place at Västervik, Oskarshamn and Trelleborg.

Forces are still scrambling for supplies, but initial counterattacks have gone well: An entire Russian marine brigade in Trelleborg was annihilated; counterattacks all over Finland have also gone reasonably well considering the circumstances. The strategy is now turning to harassment; with activities deep behind enemy lines, special units are now blowing bridges, destroying railroad and carrying out attacks against Russian infrastructure to delay the advance as much as possible.

Meanwhile, advance elements of the II U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force have arrived in Norway and are carrying out the initial work of strategically redeploying the force to meet the invasion of Scandinavia.

It is now a matter of how much the Russian advance can be delayed before the mobilization gains strength and NATO elements arrive in force.


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