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Nordic Light - Invasion!

This is a war diary written about the Operation Nordic Light scenario.
(September 8, 1992) The massive buildup of Russian forces meant only one thing: A full-scale invasion of Finnish and Swedish territory. But the force and aggression was beyond what the national Government counted with.

This has happened: Top national government officials has been assassinated. Spetznaz sabotage against crucial military installations were quickly followed up by massive airstrikes. Finland was presented with an offer of conditional surrender, which was quickly rejected; and immediately thereafter, Soviet mechanized divisions crossed the border, quickly subdued the defenders and approached Kotka and Lappeenranta. The guard force at Imatra is in incoherence and cut off from the rest of the forces. Airborne brigades have parachuted in behind the lines, with one regiment between Lahti and Kotka.

In the north, Soviet divisions are approaching - relatively undefended - Suomussalmi, Kuusamo and Kemijärvi, while the defense is scrambling to gather and coordinate available forces.

Sweden took the main brunt of the force in Norrtälje and Oxelösund, where Soviet forces quickly moved in on Stockholm, and attacked and occupied the central district with relative ease. Nyköping, Uppsala and Strängnäs is also occupied, with front elements moving in on Norrköping.

The Swedish defense is still very uncoordinated and unprepared. The few forces available have been quickly swept away, while further brigades are mobilizing in the west and scrambling for whatever supplies are available. Much of the air force is reorganizing due to heavy air attacks.

NATO has reassured Sweden and Finland that the air force will be sufficiently strengthened by NATO intervention, but the tactical deployment of the NATO air forces will take a few days to accomplish.

Meanwhile, the Soviet war machine rolls on...


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