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-8 C And Counting

This is probably the first day this winter when temperatures dropped to -8 Celsius. (That's 17 Fahrenheit for you Americans).

-8 C and colder means that it's cold, cold outside; and you have to start putting the heavy gear on (big parka jackets, gloves, long johns, winter boots). But it's nice... the cold, fresh winter air bites in your cheeks, and all of nature takes on a sparkling, glowing, frosty winter touch. As if King Bore danced around and merrily touched everything with his glowing winter wand.

Some of my friends, who are used to Florida temperatures, shiver and whine about the temperatures. But dressed in my huge, warm winter coat, I delight in the winter scenery. I should take some pictures and post some day.

Of course, the guys in Norrland (northern Sweden) just laugh at us. Last winter there was a military exercise in midwinter around here; a guy I know in the shooting club drove out to the shooting range one evening when temperatures had fallen below -10 Celsius, and was stopped in a military checkpoint. "Pretty cold out today, huh?" he asked the MP's. "Well", they responded jokingly, "we're from Boden, so we're used to -30. This is like summer to us."


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