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Review: McDonald's Chili McFeast

Had an opportunity to try out McDonald's new Chili McFeast today.

First of all, I was surprised at the size of it. I thought it would be roughly equal to the McFeast or Big Mac in size, but it was significantly larger than that. As with all large hamburgers, it suffers a bit from a certain "wobbliness"; it's not easy to hold and eat at the same time. I believe than an increase in size makes it necessary to study the firmness of the bread itself.

On the other hand, it's significantly less drip-prone than other experiments, like the El Maco. After eating the entire hamburger, I found that it hadn't dripped at all; all that had managed to escape was a little bit of lettuce. Major plus! Part of that must be the consistency of the McFeast sauce.

The chili is a bit strong, but it lacks a certain depth. It breaks nicely against the McFeast sauce, but it comes across as very hot, but little else. Traditionally, you would add a little bit more of a Mexican touch to it; this is mostly just a spiced-up traditional McFeast. It leaves me wanting... something more. Maybe all that's needed is a bit more ketchup.

All in all, I think the Chili McFeast deserves three stars out of five possible. It's not going to be a major, long-time winner, but it really deserves the extra point for the size and the non-drippiness. An interesting and good experiment on the road to building the Ultimate Hamburger.


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