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Ay-Kherel: The Music Of Tuva

My interest in Mongolian Throat-singing is only increasing. My father gave me some music with a group called Ay-Kherel: Music of Tuva, which sports unforgettable memories like the fast-paced Kozhamyktar, and the still, serene Kadarchynyn Yry.

Kadarchynyn Yry (Shepherds' Song) contains musical elements set against the vast plains of Mongolia. Lilya Soyan, the female vocalist in the track, is accompanied by the chanzy, igil, kengirge, limbi and the occasional bleating of sheep, in a wonderful song along this particular pretext:
"I watch my herd from the top of the hill. There are beautiful goats, sheeps and cows grazing. My mother teaches me to love them, because they give us everything: fur, meat and milk."
Makes you want to own your very own goat, doesn't it? Baah!


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